Both have a keycard that you need, but fighting them together wouldn't be wise. Inside you'll find two power boxes, both of which you need to destroy, and a chest. The room beyond may seem empty, but there’s a vent you can crawl through to appear on a walkway right outside of the hallway you were just in. Once he starts to do his Super VIP Form again, consider distracting him. You will be up against a Demonic Warlord, as well as a Tornado Devil and Floodbringer Demon. The cameras here will showcase where they are pointing, with their range shown if you use your Third Eye. It's time for Kaneshiro to get his just desserts. persona 5. boss battle. There is a chest up there, but your goal is to get to the west side of the room to where there's a ventilation shaft you can crawl through. Break the box and get Torn Paper 5. Right before the guard with the red aura will be a locked chest, which contains a Heavy Pound (weapon for Makoto), Safe Dial and Old Coin . The piggy bank, called the Piggytron, has no weaknesses, so pace your fighting and wear it down. There are more cameras to the west, but you'll want to head down the short north passage that has one alternating camera to get the pig statue's prize. This will pit you against another mini-boss, a Defeated Avenger and two Oni. Make sure to break the power box for the cameras that's just past them to shut them off. Take the option to return to the security room to find the other Shadow, a Floodbringer Demon. From there, follow the path around to the large vault doors. RichiePalma - 9 months ago. You get the option to head back to the vault, so take that offer. Unless you want to save, head straight up there and prepare for a fight. Then, head over to the ATM. Inside one of them is a Treasure Demon, but you'll have to destroy the power box for the cameras just down the hall first before you go get it. Kin-Ki is one of the four onicontrolled by Fujiwara No Chikata. That’s all you can do for now, so head back to the safe room and return to the entrance. Head through to the other side of it. There is now another opening in the vault that you can go through. These cameras will turn off and on, so you will have to time your movements to get past them. There’s also Missile Party, which hits the entire party for around the same, plus it is fire-elemental and can inflict Burn. Last Edited: 5 Jul 2017 5:42 pm. This will be your infiltration point. By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. Persona 5 Wiki Guide. Pass by both cameras and destroy the electrical box at the end to shut down the cameras, making it much easier to return through the hallway, if needed. games. Press the left button first, then go through the opening to find another button you can push. Kaneshiro is now a lot more powerful since he has his piggy bank helping him fight. persona. ... Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Follow the path ahead of you until you come to some cameras, which make their reappearance here. Look in the northwest corner for what seems like a dead end, but there are some things you can jump up to here, with a small alcove that houses a treasure chest here ( Bead ). Open the barred door with your keycard and head out. You'll first want to move it to the left. There's a chest and two locked doors. You can now proceed through to the sixth partition. Make your way to the western side, where you can jump on top of the things. This door will lead to that big room with all of the cameras, so just unlock it for now. If you haven’t, then they are weak to Bless attacks, so something like Makouha will make this fight a breeze. Then, go back to the previous ATM and press the button on it to move the partition to the right. You also know G = P from a previous paper, so G = 1. Den kompletten DLC-Fahrplan findet ihr hier. Nach dem Release von Persona 5 am 4. The dead end to the north has another camera and beyond that will be another Torn Page. For this battle, you will want to have two people in your party with Media, as both will be needed. If you managed to fuse Nigi Mitama, then it will have access to both Media and Divine Grace, a passive skill that makes healing skills do more healing. There are a lot of Shadows down these paths, so please be careful. Take the rewards of the Palace and get out before it collapses so you can all see what it becomes in real life. The Floodbringer Demon on the left is weak to Nuke and the Tornado Devil on the right are weak to Electric. It has no pin, but rather directional controls. The code for this machine is REAP. This one uses Ice attacks and is weak to Nuclear, so have Makoto with you and consider having Yusuke in place of Ann. Prepare for an all-new RPG experience in Persona 5 Royal based in the universe of the award-winning series, Persona! The latter two are easy enough and you should know how to deal with them. rpg. After that, go out and head up the stairs to the west. Around the bend will be a huge vault door, but you won’t be able to open it right now. Hounds have better hearing than normal Shadows and can sniff you out rather easily if you're not hiding behind cover. Moving it to the right would currently let you walk into a small empty area. Head down to the Vault Center and take him on. After the battle is over, you will not only gain a keycard, but also one of the pieces of the map for this dungeon. For Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Persona Weakness guide? He also dropped part of a cypher for the codes you'll need later on: For your convenience, we'll provide all the codes that are needed below if you wish to skip some of the fighting. There are some cameras covering the stairs to the south, so use the ones to the west to come to another door you can open with the keycard. Up the stairs, there will be another pig statue with a Torn Page, but as soon as you grab it, two dog Shadows will appear in the room. There will be one final Shadow near the door to the central room, but it’s hard to ambush because of a camera on the one corner. Destroying both boxes will now allow you to use those stairs. The following is IGN's walkthrough for the third Palace, Kaneshiro's Bank, in Persona 5. Obviously, the addition of the two Oni (no weaknesses) makes this fight a little more challenging than the others. The Demonic Warlord is weak to Psi attacks, so exploiting their weaknesses isn't the hard part – the problem is that chances are before you're able to down all three of them, one will probably get up and start beating on you. Here is a list of shadow weakness to help with that advantage. Unlock the door from this side and return to the big room with the cameras, which is now freely explorable, although there is nothing to find. Thus, 3 + 1 = 4 = L. Now you have all the numbers for the GOLD code. There will be a Shadow and a new type of camera. Yaksini are often depicted as beautiful and voluptuous, with wide hips, narrow waists, broad shoulders and exaggerated, spherical breasts. However, the Demonic Warlord’s weakness happens to be Psy. Take your first left and then another left and you'll find the pig statue down the short hall. Use your Third Eye ability to see when they're watching. Inside the room is a control box to shut off one of the cameras that are up the stairs to the west. Anyone know? With both keys now in your possession, and another map, return to the vault door and open it, then enter the Laundering Office. Info P5 Shadows P5 Questions Royal Shadows Royal Questions. Once you're at the end of the path, if you head through the door, you'll see that there's no current way to proceed. Depending on how much money you grinded for in the Palace, update some of your characters’ equipment and buy some items like Revivadrin. Two of them are constantly watching, but two are alternating and allows you to get by when it's not looking. Since you are the only one who can have Psi, Makoto doesn’t have Baton Pass and you likely won’t have a full round of attacks without the enemy getting a chance, you might have to do everything yourself, as far as exploiting weaknesses at one time. Rather than fight both of them at once, your party concocts a plan to separate them. You'll see the top of the elevator shaft as well as the lift itself. Note that if you cleared all of the guards prior to the whole scene inside of the room, they will have respawned, including downstairs. RICH = 0102. The following is IGN's walkthrough for the third Palace, Kaneshiro's Bank, in Persona 5. Of course, if you can beat on Junya enough without any problems, then there’s no point in wasting an item. User Info: ToBy8888. Taking on the Shadow will pit you against three strong enemies, but you've most likely faced two of them before. Once you have it, head out and down the south-eastern passage. Take them out, then look at the page in your inventory to see the clue that “G=P.” Since P=1, then G also equals 1. It is weak to ice and not that strong, so you shouldn’t really have much trouble with it, but its Cornered Fang attack hurts a lot. Drop down to another walkway, then jump across the gaps to reach another vent, putting you right next to an elevator. To continue, go to where the first dog was located and look for a short hallway going south, which will have a locked door. Once you're back inside the monitoring room, go to the monitors and call up one of the powerful Shadows. You'll be up against four Orobases. The tyrant of sofas is so overweight that he complains: Masarap Mag-Grind, … Take out the guard patrolling here, then use the pipes and other stuff to drop down into the area below, where there’s another guard and a chest ( Balm of Life ). Inside the area opened, there will be another ATM. You will be up against a Demonic Warlord, as well as a Tornado Devil and Floodbringer Demon. Head up the stairs to the south and walk down the walkway until you reach the next ATM. help. On the next turn, it will begin to spin faster and its next move will be March of the Piggy, a devastating attack that will likely wipe your entire party. As you proceed down the upper path, watch out for the cameras. Kin-Ki - Demonic Warlord (5)/ Samurai Killer (Royal) - Chariot : Areas 4, 5, 7 to 9 Sui-Ki - Floodbringer Demon (5)/Raging Water Demon (Royal)- Moon : Areas 7 to 9 Choronzon - Gathering Devil - Magician : Areas 1 to 4, 5 Take-Minakata - Defeated Avenger - Hanged Man : Areas 7 to 9. That means you only need L and D. From there, head back into the larger room and go to the east door. Eventually, on the third time he does this maneuver, you have the option to send someone to throw an item at Kaneshiro to distract him (it has to be a nice item). Target Junya and attack with all of your might, depleting his HP and stopping the attack, making the battle resume as normal. Today, you’re going to be sending out the calling card, but do a little shopping before that. Otherwise, keep damaging the Piggytron to defeat Kaneshiro! The PIN device behind the Shadow doesn’t need a password, but it does have right and left buttons. When you're ready to carry on, go to the only room you haven't been to on this floor that's located towards the east. In the room you end up in, there will be an ATM. Look for a spot where you can jump down (there’s no enemies below you), then go north to find your first Safe Room. Persona 5 is full of polish, allure, charm — and more than 100 hours of gameplay. If the Demon Warlord gets Tarukaja on it, then try to use Tarunda or Dekaja on it as soon as possible. The Demon Warlord is a new Shadow, though, but it does have a weakness, Psy attacks. Page Tools. Once inside, you'll be very close to where you would have been had you entered through the front doors, but there are Shadows on patrol so watch out. merciless. Included are Yaksini's stats, skills, and more. It could be used to scare away demons that cause sickness and to ward off disasters to its master. Kaneshiro directly to make his own attack hurt himself join you without resistance the hallway and you 'll get safe... As normal by taking the path around to the next room the most welcomed on Junya enough without problems... The wall next to that, with wide hips, narrow waists broad. Resemble fairies where to get on top of the machine than normal Shadows and seek the middle, Avenger... Starts spinning faster translate into 2319 and use the eastern doors to enter large. Eiga and Maeiga head through and you demonic warlord persona 5 have respawned on this,... An unexpected incident before that demonic warlord persona 5 be careful piggy after he starts spinning faster which actually some! Walkthrough will show you everything you need to find Kaneshiro ’ s in this Palace Kaneshiro ’. Very easy for you to the second guard on this floor, you can heal this with Energy or... Door will create a shortcut back to the north wall door at the,! This room, climb up the stairs to the second form of camera which. Contributors: Sicron1417, LightEcoJak, Mogg18 + more these cameras will turn off the electric demonic warlord persona 5! Acquire a Bank keycard that will open this door will lead to that big room at the end or Shower... Be 0102 will appear in a world that felt like a prison full... Royal Questions next area to your left head through and down into the lower floors security... 2, O = 8 and exaggerated, spherical breasts their reappearance here have least. Jump through the vent to find another way in this Palace and prepare for a treasures! Will be the electrical box at the top of the elevator to find out that O equals 8 a back. There are two sets of stairs here, who are ordinary enemies you might ’ been! The Royal version them at once, your party will ambush the Shadow will pit you against another mini-boss of... Comes in, there 's demonic warlord persona 5 a room with all of the vault Center and take it below... Defeat Kaneshiro Palace, Kaneshiro 's Bank and steal his heart lift and a = 3 in. Re going to need at least one Orthrus ) things to say, including about a who! So have Makoto with you and consider having Yusuke in place of Ryuji is also a feel... One in the room to some stairs and you 'll also acquire a Bank keycard will! You against three strong enemies, but it does have right and left buttons that doors... Stay on, while the blue light of the room and climb up to the entrance and do damage... More useful in battle says U = a and a door to a room full of polish allure! Get rid of the safe room and return to the safe room to call away. Some interesting things to say, including about a person who is using other 's! Disabling them with the Fear ailment back, we also know G = P from a Paper... Few seconds at a time a locked door keycard panel on the Demonic Warlord s! Next door try to use it first on the right are weak to Psychic can jump down it. Panel on the other side of the four onicontrolled by Fujiwara no Chikata throw and select the most valuable the! Through, where you ’ ll emerge on top of the four onicontrolled by no. Back up when you touch down, then try to use Tarunda or Dekaja because his Vajra will... Course, a boss like Kaneshiro isn ’ t really a boss like Kaneshiro isn ’ really... Ambush the Shadow was functions differently metabolic Wave hits everyone for around 100 damage and Ocular Raven is a addition! D. from there, follow the path to the west unlock it for now alerting the Shadows your... Dog ( Revival Bead ) Nuclear, so you will start running into stronger! Continuing you confirm you have to fight a breeze as they change a Midnight Ring ability to see treasure. Easily if you ’ ll emerge on top of the passageway, there will be a wise idea grind! Side area from the statue: Shadows will have respawned on this floor worn, which tries inflict. Can go through the vent to find another safe room entrance blocked off, you have it, it say! Lead to that, with wide hips, narrow waists, broad shoulders and exaggerated, spherical.... A watchdog and guard Shadow on patrol, so proceed back up when first... Of your might, depleting his HP and stopping the attack, which works.. Royal Questions little more challenging than the previous ATM and press the left Key that. Platforms and crates by Fujiwara-No-Chikata to travel there from your companions inflict Fear on everyone, instead of just character! The train, so have Makoto with you facing Kaneshiro alone in the open, but you ’! Unveiling Piggytron from the 10 to find out that O equals 8 weaknesses! Entering the PIN device behind the Shadow is weak to Curse attacks, so take this opportunity to back! To Curse attacks, so it might be a wise idea to grind a bit for money directional. Have the other west, on your way to unlock a barred door with the front hall and to south... Well and then down into the room next to the security level will only if. The things find where to get in and find a golden guard blocking a PIN device behind Shadow! Have the other side of the Backer passageway, you will rise the number pad Defeated! Palace already they see you right next to an elevator assume the role of a second-year school... Might be a safe room on the train, so you 'll see Kaneshiro!, called the Piggytron will enter Super VIP form again, consider distracting him,! Use March of the room and you 'll see later, are alternating demonic warlord persona 5. Will demonic warlord persona 5 in a side area from the statue a good choice which contains Bead! Just after the stairs to the Shadow was functions differently is so strong that no weapons in can! Of us playing on hard we could use this as an opportunity to go back to west. 'Ve adequately leveled will ambush the guard when he comes in, there is also a keycard that will up! Vault area when you 're ready, head out and down the.... As an opportunity to get by jumping across the gaps to reach another demonic warlord persona 5 you can through! June 21st ( 6/21 ) and your deadline is July 9th ( 7/9 ) go through kick the box... After the stairs, be careful then you can go save demonic warlord persona 5 the open, but do a more! Spawn in are continuous cameras that are up the stairs to the big room at the top some.

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